Science Summer School
2023 Edition: Paraintelligence

The term "para" means "beyond" or "beside" and, in the context of intelligence, refers to a type of intelligence that exists beyond what is traditionally recognized as intelligence, including notions such as intuition, creativity, and emotional intelligence that are often overlooked in traditional definitions of intelligence. The aim was to redefine the definition of intelligence in order to understand and predict how it will evolve and what the consequences will be for human and non-human beings on this planet.


Stuart Walker 
is a Professor and researcher. His main area of research is design for sustainability, exploring the inter-related issues of social equity, ethics and the spiritual, aesthetics, localization and the environment.

Eray Sertaç Ersayin
is  engaged in integrating designers with the government and industry in Turkey through responsible production and consumption in various sectors. 

Laura Tripaldi
is a PhD scholar in Materials Science and Nanotechnology, who researches hybrid nanomaterials and writes about science and technology, with a focus on the intelligence of materials.

Eva Fischer
is an independent curator, cultural manager and lecturer in the field of experimental media, immersive art and art&technology.

Danica Sretenović 
is a researcher, curator, educator and designer focusing on critical reading of contemporary spatial production, and the role of theoretical concepts, modes of presentation, and media in the construction of space. 

Gaja Mežnarić Osole
works across the fields of design, ecology, and participation, creating space for questioning established management strategies in connection with our disturbed urban ecologies. 

Saša Spačal
is a postmedia artist working at the intersection of living systems research, contemporary and sound art. Her work focuses primarily on the posthuman continuum.

Matevž Pogačnik
is a professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering researching development of user experience in new technologies.

Uroš Krčadinac
is a Belgrade-based digital artist, technologist, writer, and educator interested in new ways of sensing and feeling the shared world of humans, networks, and data.

Round table

Francesco Ermanno Guida
is a professor at the design department at Politecnico di Milano.

Mia Roth-Čerina
is a Croatian architect and educator, her primary interests are educational buildings, spaces for achieving social standards, public space and architectural education.

Karl Stocker (moderator)
is a culture and design consultant, speaker and networker from Graz.

Eray Sertaç Ersayin

Ivica Mitrović

Design mentors

Ivica Mitrović
Head of the Visual Communication Department at the Arts Academy, University of Split. He is dealing with speculative scenarios of the near future.

Sigrid Buerstmayr
Specialist in exhibition design and sustainable design and teaches at FH JOANNEUM.

Nejc Prah
Freelance designer working mostly within the cultural sector and teaches at UL ALUO.

Emil Kozole
Designer working with emerging technologies and teaches at UL ALUO.

Student outcomes

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3